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Super Mario is one of the most successful game franchises to date. Through the years, it managed to gather billions of avid fans of all ages. There’s no magic behind the fame of Super Mario as it never fails to deliver a worthwhile gaming experience through a straightforward gameplay, easy controls, and colorful themes. It’s among the few games out there that are easy to learn but hard to master.
Playing any of the Super Mario installments would require you to purchase a game console like a Gameboy Advance or Nintendo DS. But don’t despair if you simply can’t invest for these gaming tools since you can play Super Mario flash 2 on any internet browser for free!
A start of a new adventure!
In the Super Mario flash 2, you’ll play as Mario who needs to venture towards a remote castle in order to save Princess toadstool from Bowser. This is a typical Super Mario story but offers new puzzles and scenes that will challenge your skills to the fullest. Be ready for hours of pure Super Mario fun and excitement with this free browser game!
Controls and difficulty level
Controlling Mario in Super Mario flash 2 is as easy as using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the left and right button to move him to the direction you prefer and the up button if you want him to jump. This game offers challenging levels that even avid Super Mario gamers won’t surpass in just a single run.
Is it worth playing?
Aside from being free, Super Mario Flash 2 allows players to once again experience the thrilling ride that classic Super Mario games once brought to us. This game can also serve as a tool that can help you teach your kids about courage and justice. It may not offer flashy graphics and new features but it’s definitely a must play for Super Mario aficionados who simply can’t get enough of their plumber hero!

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